A Litle Love

Great[C]ness as [F]you.
smal[G]lest as [C]me.
you [Am]show me what[Dm] is deep as[C] sea
a [F]little love, little [G] kiss
a [Em]litlle hug, little [Am] gift
[Dm]all of little [F]something [Dm].these are our [G]memories.
you [C]make me cry
[G]make me smile
[Am]make me feel that [C]love is true
you [F]always stand by [C]my side
i don't [Dm]want to say [G]goodbye.
you make [C]me cry
make [G]me smile
[Am]make me feel the [C]joy of love
oh [F]kissing you
[G]..........thank you for [Em]all the love you [Am]always give [Em]to me.
[G]oh i love [C]you.
[G].........yes I [C]do.,
I always [F]do
to [G]be with [C]you.
oh i [G]love [C]you.
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